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Candidate Testimonials

Candidate Testimonials

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LBMC is very appreciative of all of our candidate testimonials. If you have been a past candidate and would like to share your testimonial with us, contact your recruiter.

"LBMC Staffing Solutions has gone above and beyond my expectations - not only to place me in my current "permanent" job (which is perfect for me), but to ensure that I was able to provide for my family with temporary work when I was between employers. The staff at LBMC took the time to understand my long-term goals and short-term needs and invested themselves in me personally to ensure the opportunities that they were offering me matched my preferences and personality. Most sincerely, I consider the professionals at LBMC Staffing Solutions not only my career planning partners but also my friends and I will continue to seek their counsel with regard to future employment decisions." - Paul Murray

"Working with LBMC has been a very positive and rewarding experience. They work extremely hard to match your skills and goals to not only the position, but to the potential employer. I found the entire staff at LBMC to be professional, reliable and they have a keen sense of fitting the "right" person to the "right" job making the match a long-term success for all involved. Keep up the great work! - Kathy Easter

"I met with several agencies during my job search and LBMC was definitely the most impressive. I've got a friend who is considering looking for a new opportunity; if she decides to make a change, I will strongly recommend LBMC." - Vickie Killian

"My overall experience with LBMC has been pleasant and satisfying. The staff has been more than helpful in getting me prepared with the proper paperwork and explaining the processes of how they do business. I feel that I have a tremendous amount of support from them during my contract. I have weekly communications so that I am able to voice any concerns or expectations quickly. I like the team and enjoy working with a professional group." - Phyllis Bauman

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