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When to Use a Recruiting Firm

 |  By: Sherrie Whatton, President/CEO, Staffing Solutions


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We can help you determine when to use a recruiting firm. Hiring the right employee can be time-consuming and involve significant effort and internal costs to a company. Recruiting top talent, however, should be a priority for every company. Many companies engage external recruiters to help. The following are a few instances where utilizing a recruiting service makes good business sense.

When to use a recruiting firm:

  1. Internal resources to focus on recruiting are limited.
  2. The skillset or experience desired will likely make the position difficult to fill.
  3. The search is confidential (position may be occupied by an underperforming employee).
  4. The applicant response to internal efforts has not been satisfactory.
  5. The time to fill the position is critical and engaging someone with focused contacts can expedite the process.

We recruit the RIGHT talent that makes good businesses BETTER. Our affiliation with Tennessee’s largest professional services firm provides access to a vast network of highly qualified candidates. Our tenure and work experience in the disciplines we recruit allow us to listen to your needs and bring valued market knowledge. This combination enables us to recruit, qualify and make better matches for both our clients and candidates.

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