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Secure a position in today's competitive market

 |  By: Marion Schreiner, Financial Recruiter, Staffing Solutions


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Interview preparation tips to help you secure a position.

With the job market looking brighter, some seasoned professionals are resurrecting their jobs search across the nation. It’s vital to prepare not only your resume, but hone your interview presentation skills as well. Too often candidates spend hours reworking their resumes to secure the interview for a key position and neglect the due diligence in preparing for the interview itself. If you are looking to impress the hiring manager for a coveted position in your next interview, keeping these three steps in mind might help you present yourself as a top candidate and secure a position:

  • Listen The hiring manager has some key points they are trying to evaluate for each candidate and has chosen specific questions in which to do so. Too often candidates come in the room and do all the talking, not allowing the interviewer to get a word in edgewise. Breathe. Relax. Most importantly…Listen. Let the interviewer ask the question then succinctly answer that specific question to the best of your ability.
  • Do not go off on tangents This is a key complaint from many interviewers. If the interviewer asks you what time it is, do not tell him how to make the watch. If the employer does not feel like you are giving pointed answers to his questions in a clear and concise manner, they may come to the conclusion that you will not follow directions. Just answer the questions you have been asked. More isn’t always better, especially in an interview with the hiring manager has little time and is looking for an efficient, effective addition to his team.
  • Be honest Employers do not like surprises. Be upfront about your education, employment and background. Today’s companies are savvy and check this vital information. Too often candidates try to embellish criteria in an effort to secure a position, but in reality, it backfires. Always be honest. If you have not acquired a certain certification, be open about it and express willingness to get additional training.

Today’s market is filled with qualified candidates. Take the time to prepare for your interview so you can present yourself and your abilities in the best light and secure a position.

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