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Retaining Key Employees: Give Them a Reason to Stay

10/09/2018  |  By: Sherrie Whatton, President/CEO, Staffing Solutions


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Retaining key employees is critical to an employer's success. With the economy being more robust, retention has become a top priority for employers this year.  By focusing on retention, companies will likely experience increased productivity and ensure consistency in their business.  But how do companies encourage such loyalty?

Factors That Help in Retaining Key Employees

There are many possibilities to why your key employees would likely stay. Below is a list of 14 factors cited by valued employees:

  1. Exciting and challenging new projects
  2. A good supervisor
  3. Flexibility for work hours
  4. Work that makes a difference/feel they are a valuable contributor
  5. The experience of being part of a team
  6. Belief in the company’s mission
  7. Recognition of a job well done
  8. A family-friendly employer
  9. Advances in technology
  10. Job Security
  11. Opportunities for advancement
  12. Autonomy
  13. Commensurate pay and benefits
  14. An enjoyable work environment

Obviously, it’s the totality of the circumstances- not just one thing – that keeps workers in the fold.

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