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Retain Top Performers with Work-Life Balance Strategies

 |  By: Sherrie Whatton, President/CEO, Staffing Solutions


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While all businesses typically have cycles of peak times/deadlines and downtime, it is important for employees to have some predictability to their schedule. If one never gets a “normal” balance throughout the year, it can create the type of stressful work environment that results in employee burnout and turnover. To create balance, you might consider:

  • Flex-time work arrangements
  • Telecommuting – part or full time
  • Job sharing

Alternative work schedules are becoming increasingly more popular. Companies that practice some or all of these strategies are reaping benefits, from both a recruiting and retention perspective. Top performers appreciate the flexibility and autonomy it provides. Companies have found it brings loyalty and high performance, as most of these employees feel their employer is showing sensitivity and working with them to ensure balance in their lives. Consider adopting work-life strategies into your company’s culture to help attract and retain your best talent.

Retain Top Performers with Work-Life Balance Strategies