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Improved Economic Conditions Come with Recruitment Challenges

 |  By: Sherrie Whatton, President/CEO, Staffing Solutions


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While the foundation of the recruitment process stays consistent in good and challenging economic times alike, employers will soon realize that their hiring process will likely need to change with the arrival of a better economy and increasing recruitment challenges. It is imperative for the hiring process to move faster or the top candidate may just get away, not to mention that the opportunity cost of not having the spot filled is greater when the economy is stronger.

We are seeing candidates with marketable experience, good career progression and professionalism having multiple offers to choose from, which was not the case a few years ago. Back in 2009-2010 companies did not have to have the same sense of urgency to move candidates through the hiring process as they need in today’s better economic times. It is important to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of the selection process, but time lags in the process may be costly.

It is critical to schedule interviews one after another and collaborate quickly with those involved in the process to get feedback, make decisions and get back with the appealing candidates to keep their interest level high. It is important not only to ask the right questions of candidates to qualify them, but also to sell them on your company and opportunity.

Hiring managers need to point out the advantages of joining their company in this role and the opportunity for growth, positives about the work environment, and benefits. Salaries fluctuate with supply and demand. So to secure the best, be prepared to pay and offer benefits competitively. Many proven players are in position for bonuses or promotions at their present employers, so to entice those individuals companies have to be willing to step it up.

Recruitment should be a continual process – not just when there is a vacancy. It is especially important to keep an open eye for sharp talent. All companies have roles requiring special skill sets or experience. It is important to be forward-thinking and speak to individuals as talent surfaces. Establishing a relationship with a professional recruitment firm can be an excellent way to help continuously uncover talent, as they constantly seek and qualify the best of the best.

Find a recruiter you can trust and educate her or him on your “hard to fill but critical” roles. In the case of contingency recruiters, it costs you nothing to do so; you only pay a recruitment fee should they find the person you choose to hire.

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