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PODCAST: How to hire creatively with Walt Morgan

 |  By: Walt Morgan, Executive Recruiter, Staffing Solutions


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When looking for new employees, it isn’t uncommon for companies to call employment agencies, solicit resumes and choose the best from who’s looking. But what many don’t know is that the best candidates for a position may not be the ones who applied.

As general manager for LBMC staffing solutions Walt Morgan is more interested in learning about the company and its needs and finding employees who will be successful in their unique environment. In order to find the best fits for positions, this process will often include learning what specific characteristics the employer has in mind and if any potential candidates are currently in contact with the company.

“Quite frankly, we look for companies who will help us look under the hood so to speak, to understand what’s unique about them, what’s their identity, what kind of people are successful in the environment, what does success look like in their world,” Morgan said.

Just as importantly, however, it also includes reaching out to people who may not necessarily be actively seeking a job, but who may be interested in the opportunity or whose talents would benefit the company – a practice called “passive recruiting.” While these people may not be unsatisfied and may be very focused on performing well at their current positions, a new employment opportunity may offer career growth, more compensation or better benefits. By knowing client companies inside and out, Morgan can then find candidates with the best specific skillsets to place in open positions. Often, he said, recruits are flattered to receive the offers and know that their work and talents have led to the recruitment.

“We’re going to have a different candidate pool than other folks might have. Hopefully we’re going to take a more thoughtful approach and look for the right skills that are attached to the right person, who’s going to fit well in that corporate culture,” Morgan said.

For more information on passive recruiting processes, get in touch with Walt Morgan.

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