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What Prevents People from Changing Jobs?

 |  By: Mary Ann Shanks, CPC, Executive Recruiter


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Your career is one of the most important parts of your life. Maybe you want a change, but have been reluctant to look into changing jobs. We are often resistant to change because it can be scary. But change, especially career related change, can bring you new professional experiences and new skills. The exciting thing about changing jobs is it can open doors you never knew existed.

Ask yourself: What’s stopping me from changing jobs? Do any of these ring a bell?

  1. Fear of failure. The problem with letting fear inhibit your job search is that trial and error is the name of the game. Think of your job search as a way to learn and develop your technique and interview prowess and you’ll eventually land the job you want.
  2. Complacency. The idea of updating your resume and the interview process can seem overwhelming. First things first, focus on one step at a time. Once your resume is in shape, the rest will fall in step.
  3. I don’t have the skill sets for Job X. Really? It's easy to underestimate your worth, especially if you have been doing the same job for so long. Maybe you aren’t correctly evaluating your job skills. Seek a second party, such as a professional recruiter, to evaluate the responsibilities of your position. With a little training or work experience, your desire may be enough to motivate an employer to hire you.

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