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Are you using a life cycle to guide your hiring decisions?

 |  By: Sherrie Whatton, President/CEO, Staffing Solutions


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In the 20+ years of being in the third party recruiting world, I have seen various companies securing us to recruit the right person to “get the company to the next level.” Maybe the job had outgrown their existing X titled person or they were in need of adding “another layer.” We’ve also seen many employable and smart people that are just not in the right job.

At my Firm, we make sure that our applicants have the technical skills required. The trickier and most important part of our job is presenting career opportunities to candidates who are capable of performing at the level the client needs and will be challenged long-term; and assessing talent to ensure that we present truly the "right" person to our clients for the job. The candidate should bring depth and aptitude necessary for success in the role, be culturally a fit and the candidate and client’s goals should align.

I thought this article was thought provoking at how it looked at both the company life cycles as compared to peoples’ career life cycles and how to use this information to ensure you are hiring the right "type" of person for the role needed.

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